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Chapter Thirty Five

Crazy Cave Man

Today we got up and met Jasmine (our Austrialian friend) again at breakfast and decided to head to see the chapel together. We've decided that we don't need a map here so we all left ours at home. Gotta love small cities.
We walked all around the church until we found the entrance and were very surprised by how large it was!!

After the cathedral we went back to the hostel and ended up gathering a random group of five of us for lunch. It was us, jasmine, a Swiss girl, and a guy from California. We had some tapas together then went back to the hostel to catch the 'Street Art and Caves Tour'.
We started this tour when it was around 100+ degrees outside and it was 2.5 hours of walking around through the winding streets. There was a large group of us and we ended up meeting some really cool people from Australia and a girl from New Jersey.
On the tour we saw some street art and caves! Kinda obvious...

We got to go inside one man's cave house and it was surprisingly nice. He was pretty strange and convinced that I (Anna) was Mexican but overall it was fun.
Here is Mr. Cave dweller... He spoke like 11 different languages. It was amazing.
He also liked to kiss us all goodbye...
This is his little free water fountain. A very nice oasis on the hot day.
Our group!

After the caves, we were worn out and went home to rest for a few hours then out to dinner with another random group of six of us!
When we returned, our friendly group of Australians informed us that they were leaving because apparently there were bed bugs in the hostel...
No wifi and bed bugs? Man, I love this place.

We swear we'll decontaminate before we get home :)

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Chapter Thirty Four

Alehambra, Alehambra, Ale-Ale-hambra (sung like Lady Gaga)

Today we go to the Alhambra!!! Whoooo!!!! (I spelled it wrong in the title for pronunciation purposes. I swear we're not that dumb)
We reserved tickets at 1:30 so we headed that direction around 11. We walked up a very big hill and through a strange exhibit on the forests of the Earth. Quite informative and but very random.
We reached the Alhambra and wandered around lost for a little bit because it's not that well set up and you can get in pretty easily through what is apparently the "car only entrance"...they should use more signs.
Finally we found the entrance and walked through the whole thing. It was beautiful! Enough talk, we promised pictures!

After that we headed back to the city for some more tapas! They were a little better this time...

Then we went shopping for gifts and fun things in all the little shops! Everything is so cute and Moroccan!

We went to a really nasty Asian tapas place for dinner that night. I guess you can't always get good food. We pretty much ended up eating gelato for dinner so that was delicious!

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Chapter Thirty Three

Not sure what's in Pandoras Box but Anna just ate it!

Today we got our last train ticket! We are a little sick of trains now...
We had a 3 hour ride to Grenada, our 2nd to last stop on our trip!
An old lady at the bus station thought we were funny with our backpacks on and kept talking quickly in Spanish, we caught about 1/8th of what she said... But she was cute!

Made it easily to Granada and then, with no map and not great directions, went in search of the Oasis hostel. We found the bus, got off a few stops too early but finally arrived and checked in! It's a nice place, the wifi is iffy but the beds are comfy and we are in a great spot in town.
Here's a shot of the courtyard inside:

We also ran into a girl, Jasmine, from Australia who was on our never ending walking tour in Sevilla! So, we walked around town with her for a few hours looking in shops, getting a little lost and finding a cute little church!
This church is only "little" by comparison to the huge ones we've seen everyday! It was lovely and pretty big still and covered in gold!

We had a rest and went for dinner at about 9:30 pm.. Which is still early for dinner here..
Jasmine joined us and we went to a tapas place called 'Babel'. We ordered water to drink, got one free tapa with that water and each ordered another tapa. It was an eclectic mix of foods, the "fajitas" were more like quesadillas with ground meat and lots of pickles... But Anna decided to go crazy and order one called "el secreto de Pandora". This arrived and had purple cabbage, an avocado skin stuffed with some kind of pig meat and something that seemed to be a seaweed... And pink sauce in top.. It was very weird and even after we asked what it was we still aren't sure what she ate...
The bill at the end was only 9 euros! We were very big fans of tapas in Grenada after that. Yay free food!

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Chapter Thirty Two


Today is our last day in Sevilla and after seeing the outside of everything on our tour we set out to go inside them!
We started with the Cathedral which is a mix of Muslim, gothic and Catholic influences. It is supposedly the largest cathedral in the world.
Everything in there was covered in gold! I guess if shiploads of gold are being brought there by Columbus they had a bit of excess...

Next we headed to the nearby palace where the Spanish royalty stayed when in Sevilla, generally around when Columbus brought back all that gold..
There were lots of beautiful fountains and huge gardens all around the Arab style palace. It was surprisingly cool inside, even in the southern Spain heat.

Then we headed to the bull fighting arena to take a tour. Not see a bullfight, sorry..
It was interesting, there was the huge, perfectly circular ring to see first:
Our tour guide seemed totally bored by her job but there were lots of posters, outfits, heads of special bulls and even paintings done in the blood of dead bulls!
We saw where they keep the horses and there is a chapel for bullfighters to pray in before a fight. They get paid before the fight too...

After all that excitement we walked around the city some more, shopping and making sure we saw everything. Anna was hunting for this No8Do symbol we saw all over the place, apparently it represents the fidelity of Sevilla, that it will never leave you. The 8 is really a skein of yarn.. They were on every manhole cover and pole in town!

Finally, at 10 we went to our flamenco show! We were in a little bar and were so close to the dancer that we got sprayed with sweat and had to keep our feet under our chairs to not get stepped on! There was a singer, guitar player and a dancer. It was very cool, very loud and very sweaty!

We also found the greatest ice cream ever. Vanilla with chocolate inside and honey cake.
That's it in the front center bucket. Yum.

Tomorrow, our last train of the trip! To Grenada!

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Chapter Thirty One

Never trust a Moroccan...

Today we decided to take another free walking tour since our Barcelona tour was so good. However, this tour, it turns out is the longest tour in the history of Sevilla (which was apparently founded by Hercules, so its been here a while). We followed one strange guy to a large group and another strange guy. He turned out to be the real tour guide.. And explained that he was Moroccan and you should never trust them.. Something we agree with now. He also said the tour would be about 2 1/2 hours...
This tour began at 11 and was supposed to end at 1:30, but lasted until 3:30. Waaaay too much walking in the heat and listening to random and possibly made up facts about Sevilla. Medi, our guide, took us down and around all the streets in this small city telling us random facts about everything. Basically, Sevilla became wealthy because of good ol Chris Columbus bringing back fun things like gold and chocolate and syphillis. Then the gypsies started dancing flamenco, Hercules split Africa off of Spain with his huge muscles and bull fighters put lots of padding in their pants just in case the bull aims there... And apparently Columbus' leg bones are here, not sure where the rest of him is...
We saw lots of lovely places and made some friends within our tour group and did learn quite a bit, but we were very tired of Medi after that...
Here's our group with our guide:
We saw the cathedral, the biggest in the world?, the bull fighting arena, the plaza espana again, the river, and lots of Sevilla's favorite golden yellow paint color!
Afterwards we decided to have a snack that Suzanna said to eat here, churros with chocolate. We found a great looking place and ordered two chocolates (which are basically cool drinking chocolate in a cup) and a way too big plate of churros. Here they are just fried dough, no added sugar or anything... We were very excited...
You dip the churros in the chocolate. It's like the awesome version of dipping fries in a frosty..
We of course ate too much and felt pretty awful afterwards... But it was still good.
We went home to rest and sit for a while before heading out to walk more and find tapas!
We happened upon a cute little place where we had some of the best food we've had the whole trip! It was a goat cheese and mango salad and a green apple with baked goat cheese tapa. It was really good.

Now we are home and sharing the washing machine with our German roommates... Hope it turns out better than our other laundry experiences!! We will see....

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