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Days 9, 10, and 11

Patmos, Milos, and Athens

We haven't had much going on the past few days so we decided to save up and do it all at once now. Here goes!

One of the most exciting parts was meeting our twins, the Atha family. They became our friends but sadly they disembarked at Athens :( the Athas in Athens...

On Saturday we arrived in Patmos and the only things to see were the monasteries of St. John so mom and dad did that but Allison and I were feeling a little lazy so we decided to have some revelations of our own on the rocky beaches. We spent a couple hours wandering the winding streets and the island is so small it took about 20 min to get to the other side of it. The population of Patmos is around 2,200. It's even smaller than Boerne!
Here are some views from the island:

Next we were off to Milos which was just as thrilling as Patmos. There wasnt much to do so we wandered around for about 30 min then headed back to the boat for 'marina day' which would have been fun if we could have done some sailing or kayaking. Instead, they told us some shenanigans about 'undercurrents' and said we could only banana boat and ski. Oh well, maybe next week.
This is a replica of a sailboat used to go between islands before WWII.

Finally, today we were in Athens. We got off the boat and hopped on a tour bus (we looked like huuuge tourists) and got to drive around the city a little. We got of near the Acropolis and hiked up to the top.
William, Stinky and baby stinky at the Parthenon! (in case you're confused, Colleen is 'Stinky' and baby stinky is currently residing in Stinky's belly)

Here's Allison enjoying her authentic Greek salad.


Tomorrow is Santorini and we are renting 4 wheelers to drive around and see the island. We'll be sure to update tomorrow with all the beautiful pictures!

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Days 6-8

Greece and turkey!

Hi! Sorry for the limited updates! Internet is hard to find in the ocean!

We have now visited Greek islands, turkey again and are back in Greece today!

We checked out the isle of lesbos, sat on the beach, nice and quiet. Here is their statue of liberty.

Then we went to Ephesus, the ancient ruined city. It was very cool, lots to see, it was a huge city with lots of preserved and still being excavated houses and temples. Lots of beautiful mosaics and statues. That night we saw a strings concert outside the large theatre there.
Here is the city, theatre, and Colleen testing out the toilets.

Next we saw the island of Delos, full of ruins left exactly as they found them. It was a nice breezy day to wander about among tiles, walls and statues from 4-1 b.c.

That same day we went to Mykonos, our dads old stomping grounds from his own euro tour.
We wandered along the confusing streets, made that way to keep pirates from attacking too often. They had huge old windmills for pressing olives or grain. There are 364 churches in the city, we saw 3... Here's the most photographed one:

Today we are in Rhodes, a beautiful city where Allison might move to...
We saw a palace, the archeology museum and the temple of Apollo. Then we went to the market and found some free wifi! (hence the massive update and photo of the tacky Americans on their phones..)

So, at 4 its back on the boat and we are off to Patmos tomorrow, where John the baptist wrote the book of revelations.. Perhaps we will have some of our own...

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Day 5

Onto the boat!

Today was our last morning in Istanbul so we headed to the Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar. Basically you can buy anything you would possibly need at these locations from 5 million dollar jewels to cheap souveniers. The Spice Bazaar was beautiful and full of people and delicious smelling spices. We obviously looked American (ahem, Allison is kinda white) so all the shop keepers would speak to us in English saying things like 'how can I take your money?' ' I make you very good deal!' and 'how can I hassle you?'. They loved to feed us free Turkish Delight and by the end I felt like a gelatinous mess full of pistachios myself. If you're confused (and I'm assuming kathering and sonali are), look up what Turkish Delight is.

One of the days in Istanbul we saw a little boy walking around in one of these outfits an found out that it's a circumcision outfit...rough day.

Bill Dillard always loves a good costume. Here's his sultan outfit he almost bought. Im thinking he gets weirder the older he gets...

Here's the lovely welcome message for Allison and me in our room on the Seabourn!

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Day 4

Final full day in Istanbul

Today we met up with our tour guide, Atilla, around 9:00 and went to Chora Church which has beautiful mosaics made of gold depicting the life of the Virgin Mary from birth till death as well as some Bible stories. I didn't take any pictures to show you...sorry!
After the church, we headed to the Asian side of Turkey. We walked around "real turkey", as Atilla calls it, and had lunch. Then we walked through the streets and side streets of downtown Istanbul. Here are som treasures we found:

We are going to try to put as many pictures in here as possible because I'm sure most of you are like me and would rather see pictures than read. So here ya go!

This is the view from the rooftop bar we went to:

The liquor they drink here is called Raki, pronounced RAH-key. It basicaly tskes like liqorice vodka which is a strange flavor and when they pour you a glass of it, it's clear then they pour some water into it and it turns cloudy. Here's some Raki we drank with dinner! When in Rome...

Tomorrow is our last day and then we get on the boat for 14 days!

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Days 1, 2, and 3...



We arrived in Istanbul and are staying here until the 6th when we will get on our ship for a 14 day cruise through the Aegean and Adriatic Seas. We have an adorable tour guide named Atilla. Like the Hun. He has been guiding us around the city and here are the highlights so far:

Hagia Sophia: the first dome built which used to be a mosque and has now been converted to a museum.

The Blue Mosque: an active mosque where apparently sundresses weren't appropriate dress so the covered our legs and shoulders with sheets. We also had to remove our shoes which led to an interesting smell on the carpeting inside...

Dolmabahce Palace: a palace built in 19th century by a French designer who also designed the Paris Opera House. It was elegant rococo type decor with faux marble, tons of crystal, and an amazing ballroom with one of the worlds biggest chandeliers.

Punto of Istanbul: a fine rug store where we shopped and watched a pro rug weaver work on her $16,000 hand knotted silk rug. She was very fun and even let us sit with her and tie knots on the rug and made us silk bracelets!
Oz, The owner of the shop who has been in the rug business for his whole life got down on the rugs with us! (he's on the far right)

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