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Day 19


Today is my and Allison's last day with the family! Then we are off on our own!!
This morning we went on a gondola ride down the Grand Canal and through  some small Rios. The Gondolier even sang for us! It was quite touristy but still a lot of fun.

Then we all split off in twos and walked around the city for a while.

In the afternoon we went to three islands: Murano, Torcello and Burano.
Murano is famous for blown glass so we took an adorable little boat out to the glass factory and watched a demonstration.

Torcello isn't really famous for anything. It has a lot of trees and one beautiful church. Also, Atilla's throne is there but we were kinda skeptical about that one. The island is in the middle of the lagoon and we are doubtful Atilla's wasted his conquering time on that little spot.

Burano is famous for lace and colorful houses. We met our boat guide's mom and 86 year old grandmother who still makes lace. Then we walked around the  tiny island and took pictures of the houses.
This clock tower was leaning 2 meters. Leaning tower of Pisa, watch out!

The trip with the family has been amazing for this past three weeks! And sadly we must part with them now. Tomorrow, Allison and I will start our new blog:The sisterhood of the traveling soon-to-be aunts (miss you baby stinky!)! Sooooo keep following! Its sure to get more interesting...

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Day 18


On Monday, we got off the boat around 9am. We said goodbye to our new friends, the Perkal family.
We took a water taxi to our new hotel  the Ca' D' Oro.

In the morning we wandered around and relaxed a little. Then in the afternoon we met with our tour guide, Diana. She took us to St. Marks, the Rialto bridge and on a mini tour Of Venice.

We stopped in the shop of a professional costume designer and got to try a few things on!

Then we went and had bellini's at Harry's Bar where Hemmingway used to hang out!

After that, we went to dinner the straight to bed. We were all exhausted after two long weeks.

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Days 15, 16, and 17

Montenegro and Croatia

Sorry we haven't updated in a long time! Internet has been scarce and expensive. Here's what we've been up to during our last few days with the family:

On Friday we were in Kotor, Montenegro. We got up early and climbed to the top of the fortress. It was beautiful and looked totally different than all the other places we've been so far.

Then we all wandered around the old city for a while, saw a few churches and interesting buildings then had to get back on the boat.

Saturday we arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Allison and I wandered around the city and found a place that would take us sea kayaking. We wandered around the old city while we waited for our reservation. We also visited the oldest hat maker in Dubrovnik. She said she had been making hats all her life.

Finally our sea kayaking excursion began and Allison and I hopped into our two seater. The trip turned out to be a little more than we asked for. We ended up paddling out into the ocean, around a massive island, past a nude beach (a little too close for comfort) and all the way back. It was a little more difficult than we thought it would be but it was definitely worth it. The guides even dove down into the water and grabbed some sea urchins for us to eat. It was quite the experience and one of my favorite days so far, minus the incredibly sore shoulders the next day.

Sunday was our last day on the boat and it was marina day again. If you remember last week's marina day, they didn't let us do anything but banana boat and water ski because of 'undercurrents' and shenanigans like that. Wellllll the same thing happened this time so we sat on the boat all day and played Rummikub, Spades and Hearts and drinking pina coladas. It was a lovely, relaxing day.

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Day 14


Today was our last day in Greece and we went to the island of Corfu. I think the longer we are all on this boat together the weirder it gets...
William has a new look and I think Colleen is falling in love all over again.

This was supposed to be a nice picture of Dad modeling his dessert but instead he looks like the dude from The Shining.

Mom seems to like taking pictures of people with large animal statues. She tried to get me to be in this picture but I made her do it. 

Anywho, today in Corfu we drove out and saw the island where Odysseus's boat was turned into stone by Poseidon. It's called 'mouse island' so obviously Allison liked it! Too bad Mouse wasn't there to see it. ( Mouse was her pet mouse)

Then we had a walking tour through the capital and saw some of the beautiful buildings. The people are required to keep the outside of the buildings looking the same but can re-do the insides.

Then we drove up a quite nauseating road to a still active monastery and looked around there. It was incredibly beautiful and the hill was surrounded by coves. The water was crystal clear and apparently very cold. 

Then we had a Greek BBQ lunch which consisted of delicious Greek salad (we have eaten sooo much Greek salad here. It's incredible) and skewers of different kinds of meat cooked on the grill. 

Then we headed back to the boat for a nap! Long day!
Tomorrow we are in Kotor, Montenegro and we are planning on doing so e kayaking! We'll update soon! This cruise is almost over. Then onto Europe for 6 weeks!

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Day 12 & 13

Santorini and Katakolon

Today we arrived in Santorini, Greece around 8am and got off the boat at 8:30. Santorini is the most picturesque Greek island with the best views. We will be sure to put up as many pictures as possible of it because it's so beautiful. we decided to rent 4 wheelers and drive around most of the island which was far more fun than walking through a bunch or ruins with a tour guide. So obviously, this was my favorite day yet.

We took the gondola up to the top of the island because the only way to get up is that or a donkey filled, massive staircase (you'll read about that a little later).

We found a lovely place that rented us three 4 wheelers so mom, stinky and allison hopped on the back while dad, William and I drove them all over the island. Here are some of the things we saw!
This is me and Allison on the edge of the cliff at one end of the island

The houses all lined up on the edge of the cliff kinda looked like a Dr. Seuss book!

Probably the most interesting thing that happened was the walk down the cliff. There is a lovely and MASSIVE staircase that goes in a zig-zag down the cliff. You can rent a donkey to take you up or down but we decided to walk...maybe not such a good idea.
The slippery, steep staircase was not only packed with people on donkeys but also with little Greek men herding their donkeys up and down. We would be walking and donkey herds would come clipping down the stairs all around us. They got so close sometimes that we would have to jump up on the wall to avoid them!
Also, the path was covered with all the lovely, natural donkey fertilizer...yum.

We are waiting on some of Allisons pictures of us and the 4 wheelers to upload so we'll post some more of those later

Day 13 we spent in Katakolon. We didn't arrive until 1pm so we just lounged on the boat and got off for a few hours to walk around and find some free Internet. Not much is going on here so theres not much to describe. We are headed to Corfu, Greece tomorrow and have a guided tour through the city the off to Montenegro and Croatia. We'll try to update more often for those of you who are complaining (ahem, Suzanna).

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