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Chapter Five

Wait, where is the Sistine Chapel??

Good morning!! We woke up bright and early at 5:30am to catch the bus to Vatican City. We got there around 6am and there were only like 30 people in line for St. Peter's Basilica so we got in line and went inside. It was so beautiful!

Then we walked in all different directions searching for the Vatican Museum because there was no map. That took about 20 min but we eventually found it and got in line around 8:15am. The line was HUGEEEEEEEE. No joke, the longest line of my life. It was horrible.
We waited for about an hour and a half and finally got in! There were soooooooooo many people. We walked through, saw the Sistine Chapel, lots of Raphael and Michelangelo and were surprised how small the Sistine Chapel actually is... After all the hype we thought it'd be bigger... But, it was still very cool to see!

Pope bling!!

When we came out, the line for St. Peter's was massive.
This is when we got there at 6:30 am

And this is a couple hours later at about 11 am

We couldn't believe all the people, by 10 am all of Vatican City was packed!

We went home and took a three hour nap. It was amazing and much needed. Then we got up, walked down to the Trevi Fountain and threw a coin in and made a wish!!
We just ate dinner and are now hanigng out using the small amount of wifi there is.

We made some friends who just came from Tours, France where we will be in about a week so we exchanged tips and sent them to the restaurant where we just ate. The little Internet room at our hostel is quite busy with people from all over the world.

Tomorrow we are headed to see more fountains, churches, the Spanish steps and the Roman Forum! Since we've mastered the bus system we might give our poor feet a little rest.

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Chapter Four

Wear your comfortable walking wedges!

Today we left Naples around 10:30am and took the our train ride to Rome. We are figuring out the train station and getting used to lugging out backpacks all around. They seem to be getting lighter!
When we got to Rome, we stopped by our hostel to check in and we got a free upgrade so we have a room all to ourselves for the next three nights! Hooray!
Then we headed off to see the Coliseum and as per the instructions of the people at our last hostel, got the audio guides and skipped the whole line. It was great! We walked around the Coliseum listening to our little guide. We also saw the actress who plays Dr. Altman on Grey's Anatomy!

After that we walked pretty much all the way across the city to the shopping street and wandered around there for a little bit and bought some long dresses to wear to Vatican City. Now we look like pick pocketing gypsies!!
Finally we headed home to bed because we were exhausted and have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow to head to the Vatican!

P.s. The name of the chapter comes from all the little Italian women who wear huge wedges walking around Pompeii and the cobblestone streets. Not sure how they do it but it cant feel good...

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Chapter Three

The Chamber of Secrets

So far we have been a little disappointed by the city mostly because we are staying near the train station and in a not so great part of the city. Today we walked down to the coast line and through a much nicer area.
This morning We met some nice women from Australia who gave us some pointers on where to go in Naples and Rome so we followed their advice and walked to the National Museum. All the artifacts from Pompeii were there along with some beautiful mosaics. Here are some things we saw!
Pompeii dentist tools!!!

Then we went into the 'Secret Cabinet' in the museum which was filled with all the 'erotic paraphernalia' from Pompeii. Strangely you only had to be 11 years old to view it all. I figure we won't put pictures of this up since our family reads this but if you really wanna see them and you are above 11 years old, email us! But here's a teaser:
In pompeii, people used to put penises above their door to fend off evil. So these are those nice door decorations. There are now chili peppers everywhere in Naples and our guide, Diana explained that the chili pepper is their good luck charm and is basically the penis filtered through Chrisianity. So pretty much the penis is still the good luck charm of Naples.

After the museum we walked along the coastline and latex out on the rocks for an hour or so to rest our feet.

Lunch at the seaside!

Then we walked through the historic section of Naples and looked at the buildings. We weren't totally sure what the buildings were since everything is in Italian. So here are some pictures of the beautiful old buildings!

So today Naples redeemed itself and it is actually a very beautiful city! The seaside was so pretty and the museum was amazing. We feel like we stayed the right amount of time here and are ready to move on to Rome tomorrow!
Ciao, ciao, ciao until tomorrow!

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Chapter Two

Does that baby have small pox?

Today we headed to Pompeii. We hopped on a little train and rode for 30 min with some little Italian kids trying to talk to us in English. It was pretty hilarious because they had no idea what they were saying and it took them at least 20 min to get the courage to try to talk.
We wandered around the ruins, got lost for about 30 min but eventually found our way out. We then went to Herculaneum which was another site of ruins. It was all very interesting and not too packed with people.
On the train back to Naples, it was standing room only and there was some interesting people watching going on. We were standing there when Allison tapped me, motioned to the baby in the carriage next to us and asked "why is that baby covered in little red dots?" and we slowy realized that not just the baby but the entire family was covered in little red bites and the little son was picking what looked like bugs off the baby. Soooo that was fun...we deduced it was either bed bugs, fleas or small pox. Some more likely than others. Hope we stay bug free...

After we got back we found out that all cool stuff from pompeii like the mosaics and such are all in the muesum in Naples. You get to see those pictures in the next chapter!
We headed home to rest for a while then to dinner and bed again! We're exhausted already and it's only the beginning.

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Chapter One

Slumming in Naples

This is the first post of the Dillard sisters gone rogue. Get excited. We've decided to title things differently for two reasons:
1) when we get famous for being such amazing travel writers, we can publish our book easier since everything will be in chapters already!
2) the day numbers were getting a little confusing.

Here's us with our backpacks! 45 liters can get pretty heavy. Might have to start trading our belongings soon.

So here is where we are now:
We woke up early yesterday morning to part ways with the family and head to Naples on our own. For those of you who missed the first half of our trip, check out our previous postings. It's quite a thrill.

Anywho, off to the train station to figure out how to get everywhere using our Eurail pass. Everything was going well until we realized we have the wrong Eurail pass. Sooo we're gonna have to figure that out but not right now. Just some words of wisdom: the Eurail website is extremely misleading.
Allison is so excited! (this was before we found out about the wrong ticket thing...)

We arrived in Naples after 5 hours on and switching trains. We wandered around to find Internet for the first time in almost a week! Ugh I miss 3G. I will never say a bad word about AT&T again. Finally after wandering the sketchy, trash-covered streets we arrived at a big, black, locked gate which was pretty frightening. This scary location happened to be our first hostel. At least its safe? Good thing becsuse our building may or may not be surrounded by little vending booths run by the most frightening people in Naples. Things were going well till they told us we were supposed to arrive yesterday and didn't have us down for a reservation...luckily they were wrong and hostelworld.com had the right schedule. Never has a little jail cell room been more welcome in my life.
Here are some photos of the neighborhood...get the idea?

The rest of the first day consisted of wandering the trashy streets of Naples. Apparently they have a garbage problem here (hence the name of the chapter). We ate dinner, showered in a surprisingly clean bathroom and went to bed.

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