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Chapter Fifteen

So.. That whole walk 500 miles thing? Completed..

Today we quite literally walked a pilgrimage. We got up and wisely took the metro waaaay across town to the giant Parc de la Tete d'Or, named so because supposedly there is a gold head of Jesus buried there.. Or because it's a cool park with a big free zoo!
We found an entire greenhouse of exotic Texas cacti:
Saw lots of animals, about 300 of which were turtles:
There were rose gardens, a big lake and lots of children screaming in French, which is much cuter than in English...

We walked across one river to the Musee de Beaux Arts which contains Impressionist, Renaissance, and Medieval paintings, lots of Rodin statues and an Egypt exhibit. Apparently you are supposed to know to take the elevator to the top floor and go down, but the silly American girls just went through backwards and enjoyed it just as much.
That is an actual mummy head and hand...

Afterwards we needed some food and to rest our feet, we got sandwiches from a little shop and sat for a bit by the second river, the Rhone. Then we walked across the river to the cathedral of Saint Jean, where we lit a candle in memory of our grandpa, Louis Beecherl.

Next we wanted to visit the Vieux Lyon and Notre Dame de Fourviere, a beautiful church. We quickly discovered that in order to see this we had to literally climb a mountain. Stair after stair and windy little path after steep incline we hiked up to the top.
This was the hopeful looking beginning...
However the view was really great and worth the trek.

The inside of the cathedral was exquisite, every inch was a beautiful mosaic or carving.

Finally, after a long day on our feet we were ready to head home. Unfortunately this took another hour of walking tiny streets that wound in circles to the one main road to our hotel. We are not big fans of this part of town...

After a rest we hopped on the metro, a much easier way of getting downtown, to check out the popular Rue de la Republique. Unfortunately the stores were all closing, but I think we will appreciate that tomorrow when we hoist our backpacks on and head to Tours.

So, overall we really liked Lyon, it's a lovely city, and our feet recommend taking the metro.

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Chapter Fourteen

Lost in Lyon

Today was our first day in Lyon. We got a map and headed into town to visit the Musee des Tissus et des Artes Decoratifs for a wonderful costume exhibit with tons of well preserved garments, rugs and fabrics. However, on the way there we decided to take the "road less traveled" and learned that it is less traveled because it dead ends into some spiky bushes...
We also tried to go to a WWII museum, walked quite a distance to get there and found that it's closed on Tuesdays...

Then we walked down Rue de Victor Hugo, along the two rivers and scrounged a very interesting and delicious lunch from a bakery and a grocery store. Since our room is so cool we decided to save money by taking food home rather than eating out.
This strange looking thing turned out to be a praline croissant. It was good but very sticky.

Then we went out to the Croix Rousse area in search of some famed murals around the city, we found a few and a large statue called "The man of the rock".
Finally, after basically walking most of the city of Lyon we headed home, or tried to... The area we are staying has very few roads and none are very direct... We are also pretty sure that a few don't exist... But we got our exercise!

Also, we are terrible at French.

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Chapter Thirteen

Eurail Sucks

This morning we woke up, spent some time with Guilia at work then hopped on the train to Lyon, France. Now just so you know, in case you're planning to travel between Cremona and Lyon, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to get between these two cities. We spent a couple hours figuring out the trains and ended up spending around 8 hours on different trains to get there. These trains were also the last trains of the day so if we missed one, we were stuck in random city, France for the night.
Luckily, everything went smoothly and we only ended up having to pay an arm and a leg to actually get a seat on the train to Lyon. Eurail passes are totally not worth it.
So we drove through the Southern countryside of France and it was sooo beautiful!

Today was spent mostly on trains with weird smelling people so there's not much to say. We got to Lyon around 10:30pm and went to our little apartment we're staying in. It's so nice and different from the sauna hostels! Hooray France!!

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Chapter Twelve

The Butt River

Today in Cremona (this town is best pronounced with a strong Italian accent. Hand gestures are a must) Guilia showed us all around. We drove around in her tiny car and she showed us the town and the Po River that is the longest River in Italy and runs through her town. You might be wondering about the title of the chapter, well, before coming to Cremona I read that German people giggle at the river because Po in German means butt.
So we walked along the butt river for awhile then downtown.

And we got to see where her family works!

We had lunch then Guilia had to go to work so Allison and I rested for a little then walked around Cremona a little more. That night Guilia picked us up and we had a night out with her and her boyfriend Stefano!

It was so great to see Guilia again after 5 years! Hopefully she can come visit in the US again soon. We miss you already!!

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Chapter Eleven

The Reunion!

Sorry again for the lack of updates. Internet was hard to come by in little towns in Italy.

Today we woke up and headed for the train station, yet again. You know, public transportation is nice but it seems that the more trains we take, the weirder the people get. So we hopped on the train and headed to Cremona. For those of you who don't know our whole life story, Our family hosted an exchange student for 4 months from Cremona, Italy. Her name is Guilia and today, we went to visit her!
A couple hours on the train and we were in Cremona!!

Guilia's mom picked us up from the station and took us back to their house. Her parents claim they don't speak much English but we ended up having about an hour of conversation with them. They fed us A LOT of food (as we found our later was a normal amount) and then took us on a walk through the whole city. Now Cremona is pretty small so this took about an hour. Then we sat in the backyard, drank some wine and ate fruit off their trees. It was beautiful!

Guilia got home from work (she works way too much) and we ate dinner then she took Allison and me to an Italian beer fest! It was hilarious and we were probably the only people who spoke English there.

So far we love Cremona and can see why Guilia got so bored in little Boerne! It's so small but there is so much to do!

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