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Chapter Thirty

I can't believe we've spent a whole month together. Just us.

So today marks one month of just us traveling! Pretty much the only time we're alone is in the shower. Needless to say, we are going to spend about a week in solitude when we return.
This morning we got up and headed to the airport to catch our plane to Sevilla. We ended up waiting in the airport for like 2 hours because apparently no planes are ever on time...
We arrived in Sevilla and followed the worst set of directions in the history of the world to the hostel. We arrived to a lovely and brightly colored little place with strange bunk beds and lights that only turn on if your room key is in a little slot.

We spent the rest of the day walking around beautiful Sevilla and taking in the sights. Here are some of them!
The Plaza de Espana

We headed home and went to bed with all our new German roommates!

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Chapter Twenty Nine

20 Euros?! That's like 4 meals!

Today is our last full day in the wonderful city of Barcelona so we wanted to hit the last few places we haven't seen. We slept in a little because we've been having trouble sleeping with our apparently nocturnal roommate who wakes up every hour in the night and moves around. Ugh. We want to be home in any bed that isn't a bunk bed, alone!
Anyway, we got up and went to La Pedrera which we thought was a museum but was really just a big exhibit on Gaudi and some twentieth century apartments. We seems to be misled a lot about what is actually in these museums. Oh well, it was cool.

Then we headed to Casablanca Batllo which was incredible!!! It is a huge apartment building that Gaudi designed. Just incredible.
Here are pictures so you can understand. It did cost us 20 euro so we stayed for like 2 hours and listened to every word of the audio guide so we could get our moneys worth.

After that we wandered around the pier for a while again. Decided the aquarium was too expensive to go to so we just wandered for a couple hours checking everything out.
We got dinner then headed home to our creepy roommate...
Can't wait to say good bye to him tomorrow.

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Creepy roommates suck

Today we woke up early to beat the line for Sagrada Familia. The line went very quickly and it definitely was worth the wait! That was the most beautiful and interesting church I have ever seen. It's amazing because it is still a construction site so there are people working on it while you are touring. Enough talking, here it is!
This is the upside down model Gaudi used to design the church. What a genius.

After that we took the metro to Park Montjuic. It was beautiful and so high up we could see the whole city! We went to the Miro museum which was very interesting! We've now seen every museum possible on Dali, Miro, and Picasso.
Here is some Miro:

We walked around the park and past all the fountains, but unlucky for us the fountains don't run Mon-Wed so we didn't get to see those...

After the park we went to see if we could visit another of Gaudi's buildings but ended up never going in. Here is the outside of the Catalan Music Hall!

That's all for today! We got some great tapas tonight thanks to a recommendation from a random woman we met in the airport in Paris. They were awesome. Loving Spain more by the day.
P.s. Roommate is still here and gets creepier by the hour...

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Chapter Twenty Seven


You guessed it, we found out the sex of Stinky and William's baby today! ITS A BABY GIRL!!! The soon-to-be-aunts are so excited to shower this little girl in lovely Spanish onezies and flamenco outfits!!
Today we decided to finally see some of the big Barcelona sights which means: GAUDI!!
We took the metro to Park Guell and walked around for a while there. All of the architecture was beautiful and the mosaics are so colorful! Here are a lot of pictures so you can feel like you were there with us!

While in the park we went into the house where Gaudi lived for 20 years. It was very interesting to see all the furniture he designed and made. What a fascinating man.

After a few hours spent at the park, we walked down to the pier and around the harbor. Then we spent a few hours soaking up the Barcelona sun on the beach. There were people selling stuff everywhere, a few Pick pocketing gypsies, and a good amount of topless/naked people. As we've been told, it's legal to be naked anywhere in Barcelona but if you are in the city, you must be wearing shoes. Quite the liberal place...

After the beach we went to scope out some dinner and ended up going to the market again and picking up random food. We've learned that if you come at the end of the day, people give you double what you ask for for half the price because they are trying to get rid of it. Pretty awesome. We're drinking fruit juice like 5 times a day!

Tonight we returned to our tiny little three person room (which we have had to ourselves) to a roommate. He is interesting and strangely from Barcelona but staying in a hostel...weird?
Oh well...hopefully he wont be too creepy.

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Chapter Twenty Six

Wait is that a gorilla?! Made of chocolate?!

This morning we got up and went down to Las Ramblas to find the museums we wanted to see. We went first to the Dali museum which was an amazing documentation of his life and works. He was an interesting guy to say the least. Now we see pictures and graffiti of him and his creepy mustache everywhere!

Next headed for what we thought was a Goya museum (because they had a sign that said it was on the outside) and passed by the Heritage Society putting on a little show in the plaza! There was a band and a whole bunch of little old people doing a traditional Catalan dance. We watched for a long time because it was so adorable seeing all the little old people hopping around!
So finally we went into the supposed Goya museum and were surprised to find absolutely nothing Goya but instead some random guy we'd never heard of....cool. Good advertising...
Since we had paid, we walked through and it was pretty interesting. There was a big exhibit on Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia so they was great to see before we went to the actual church.

After that museum we wandered through town to find the museum of chocolate!!! Now this was exciting!
They had some huge sculptures made from chocolate and told the whole history of discovery, development and design of chocolate. Miro himself was a chocolate sculptor at one time!

In the lobby we had a cup of hot chocolate the way it was originally made. It was basically warm chocolate syrup and totally delicious. We bought a few random chocolate bon bons which ended up being sorta strange.

After the chocolate museum we went the Picasso museum! (yes, this was a big museum day) this was an amazing place! It showed the development of Picasso from his early childhood throughout his life. There were small paintings on pieces of wood from when he was around 14/15. They had a whole room for his 'blue period'. It was definitely worth seeing!

After the museum we headed to the Paella making class that we had decided to do. We were seated at a big table with a bunch of other people and fed delicious tapas and sangria while they made paella right in front of us! Then we got to eat it! Ah it was amazing! Maybe I'll make some for you guys when we return.

After paella it was bed time! Another big day tomorrow!

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